‘A Maghja’

This week I appeared on France3 Viastella, the regional TV channel for Corsica!  It was a fantastic honour for me to be asked to do this and I really wanted to create a drink for the occasion that truly represented the flavours of Corsica.
After an interview with the wonderful Faustina in the Old Port of Bastia, we returned to Le Colomba to make my cocktail ‘A Maghja’, the name in the endangered Corsican language for the mediterranean scrubland that covers much of this island.

(Above you can see the patchwork of colours and flavours of the Maquis (Maghja), the yellow is Immortelle, the purple is Thyme and the lighter blue, Rosemary)

The ‘Maghja’ or Maquis has served as a fantastic inspiration for me this year. Even when working in England I loved to use fresh herbs in my drinks. Now I am here in the north of Corsica, surrounded by a beautiful mountain landscape full of wild heather, thyme, lavender, rosemary, Immortelle and myrtle, just to name a few!

During my interview I was asked about my creative process when creating a cocktail. My answer was that sometimes creating a cocktail is like painting a picture with flavours. I visualise what I want the drink to taste like. In this case I visualise the Maquis. What can i see? What ingredients are there? What do i expect it to taste like? What colour should it be?




‘A Maghja’ in the foreground, partially hidden by a warning about Alcohol abuse…nice!

‘A Maghja’

30ml Immortelle-infused vodka
20ml Thyme-infused vodka
10ml Liqueur de Maquis
25ml Fresh Corsican grapefruit juice
15ml Fresh Corsican lemon juice
15ml Sugar syrup

Garnished with grapefruit peel, Blackberry, fresh Rosemary & Thyme

A bien tôt!


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