So I might have found the base for my Corsican cocktail!
Since my search started it has been the main problem I have faced when coming up with my recipes. Apart from a whisky and eau de vie (which I could use but not for what I have in mind) I haven’t really found anyone producing spirit. There are liqueurs everywhere, of chestnut, citrus fruits, figs etc etc but all being too sweet to use as the base for my drink.
After meeting someone in a bar I was invited to see the restaurant that he works at up in the mountains of northern Corsica. Turns out this is no ordinary restaurant, they have a huge garden full of fruit, vegetables, herbs, and even tobacco!

They also have 2 alembic stills in a barn(legal…apparently) where they have produced their own vodka and are currently experimenting with gin. Behind their bar I found they had also attempted to make a rum, a grappa using local Muscat grapes and a tequila!

They stopped production of the vodka a while ago but are set to start again later in the summer. The owner has promised me some of the original batch from the large jeroboam that sits behind the bar, the very last few litres of Altezza vodka de Corse!




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